The Designer’s Guide

The purpose of the Designer’s Guide is to write down all the technical details (Designer Guides) and all the procedures for the creation and publishing of the illustrations on

illustraStock offers a collection of 3 guides for different purposes:

  • Learner’s Guide is created for the general people, not just for illustraStock illustrators. It is the place where the basic and generic information is offered.
  • User’s Guide is created for the customers of illustraStock. It is the place where they can learn how to use and enhance the illustrations with low design skills and simple software.
  • Designer’s Guide is created for illustraStock illustrators, it is necessary to know the information of the Learner’s Guide before starting. It is the place where specific information about the creation of the collections is available for the collaborators.

The Designer’s Guide is organized in 3 sections:

General information

Basic information for all the collaborators.

Remember, all the information is not the same for all the collections.


Specific information about the creation of each one of the collections.


The illustrations to be drawn are split into Categories. Each one offer one or several lists with the elements to draw.


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