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The purpose of categories is to enable users to quickly display a listing of a particular type of content. Categories are used to classify the illustrations both for the creation and for localization.

Since categories have the potential to be quite large, illustraStock also creates a hierarchy of categories. Each Category has one or several sub-categories with one list of items to draw. For a start, the illustrations must be created from a list. Once the list is finished, upon request, more elements can be drawn but under the illustraStock team supervision.

The lists help the illustrators because it is not necessary to lose time thinking about the next draw. It is not mandatory to draw any single item of the list, but it is highly recommendable. If one element of the list is not possible to be drawn (because a picture is not available on internet or other reasons), as long as you keep writing what elements are to be drawn and what elements are not to be drawn, it is not a problem.

Also following the order is not mandatory as long as groups of related illustrations are finished. By changing the order and selecting sub-categories, more commercial illustrations can be drawn at first.

The illustraStock categories are:

  • Category: Templates (empty canvas for the work and base start elements),
  • Category: Assets (not related to other collection or complements for the illustrations),
  • Category: People (examples of people while they are doing Activities, Occupations or Sports),
  • Category: Nature (different living beings as Invertebrates, Plants or Vertebrates),
  • Category: Scenographies (the elements you want to include when you create an action, situation, story, service or products),
  • Category: Skyline (landscapes and buildings).


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