5 Standardization

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel again and again, illustraStock allows collaborators to reuse and remix illustrations by:

  • copying and pasting an old illustration,
  • copying and pasting another illustrator’s illustration,
  • using one own illustration as the base for a new one.

Reusing it both reduces the time used and mistakes with the creation of illustrations while keeping consistency within the collection. Example: to create a wardrobe from an old one by just deleting or creating new lines, but without touching the basic lines (peripheral lines) of the wardrobe. Not just save time, also avoid mistakes.

Basic elements

For the creation of the landscapes, the outdoor and also the indoor scenographies, there is a base collection of elements that helps the creation of the illustrations while keeping more consistency within the collection. Windows, doors, basic plants and animals, common street objects… and more are ready to use.

Illustrators can help by adding any object that may be forgotten and be useful in a neutral situation that could be repeated in most of the illustrations.

If a collection of illustrations is going to be created for a different community (Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Hindustan, Central Asia…) at first the base collection of elements must be downloaded and adapted to the new community. Such work will increase the efficiency in the long run.

Basic elements collections:



The backgrounds are created to increase the efficiency with the creation of illustrations. Not just for the customers, also for the collaborators. With a background an object, animal or person in a situation can be represented in a context by just making a collage.

Example: once the mammals are finished, different backgrounds of different ecosystems can be used to show the animals on their appropriate environment.


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