17 Process

The following section explains how creation process of an illustration for a illustraStock Collection should be.


Before starting to draw, one of the Categories and Sub-Categories must be chosen (by speaking with the Collection Editor). Remember, changes in the Collection or Category are not allowed.

By selecting the Category and Sub-Category, you will find the list of items to draw.

Each type of Sub-Category has a specific Template (Before starting, read all the template information).


As the creation of the illustrations is split into several phases, the first one is the creation of the illustrations in Basic Style.

Our priority order with the illustration collection creation is: Outlines > Details > Solid Base > Colors > Shadows > Lights. Is highly recomended if yuu are a new illustrator at illustraStock to start sending illustrations from the Outlines style.

A new illustrator must send between 3 and 5 illustrations to the company Curators. The Author will not be able to publish content till the illustrations follow 100% the company recommedations. Curators decide if the illustrations follow the Quality Standards. Authors are not allow to send more illustrations till receive Curators confirmation.

It is important to create the Readme.txt File while we are creating the illustrations and to save it together inside of a folder for each item.


Once the Basic Style is finished (for a representative group of illustrations), Illustrators can make a copy of all the files and apply the Doodle Style while adapting the name of the file to the new style.

Once both styles are finished, the illustrations can be published on the site by the Author by exporting the illustration to .cs5 and .png and zipping it with the Readme.txt file.


With the illustration in 2 styles, creation of new styles (by using Basic or Doodle style as the base for a new style) or creation of new illustrations by making collages with other illustrations (author illustrations or illustrations from the community) is possible.

In the future, each new style will use one old style for the creation of the illustration. Once we have one illustration in Basic or Doodle style, we do not draw the same file again.


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