42 OpenCity Design Objectives

The primary focus of the Matrix collection is to ensure that the illustration styles translates elegantly to all formats while providing the flexibility needed to create more illustrations on record time.

Flexible – Modular – Lightweight – Compatible

OpenCity is a collection of illustrations which uses isometric protection to represent any object, living being or process.

The Axonometric projection illustrations are created in Isometric projection, a method for the visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. In an Isometric view, the scale of all three dimensions — x, y and z — is identical (the illustrations in the front, have the same size than the illustrations that are in the back), and the angle between each axis is 120 degrees. A line drawn at a 30 degree angle has a 2:1 ratio between its width and height.

This is the projection type that’s most often used in videogames and pixel art. However, drawing this line pixel by pixel, 2 pixels to the right and 1 pixel up, will not result in a 30 degree angle. That’s why instead of 30 degrees, isometric 2:1 (Dimetric) with 26,565 degree for the horizontal plane is being used instead. The reason for this is that it represents a neat 2:1 ratio — for every two horizontal pixels, we draw a vertical one. With Dimetric projection, only two axes must be proportionally foreshortened and result in an identical angle, while the third one is simply based on the remainder. This makes it very easy to keep track of proportions and align objects and put them together in any composition.

As the standardization and speed is the top priority of illustraStock, all the illustrations must start from a Template. The Matrix modular collection follows a 64 px grid (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1.024px).

As with the other collections, there are 5 categories to organise the illustrations:

  • Templates:
  • Assets:
    • ???
  • People:
    • Activities
    • Occupations
    • Sports
  • Nature:
    • Invertebrates
    • Plants
    • Vertebrates
  • Scenographies:
    • Urban/Rural
      • Civil engineering works.
      • Residential Buildings.
      • Sport places.
    • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary production.
    • Forest and semi-natural areas & Water bodies.
  • Ecoregions:
    • N/A

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