104 Nature: Vertebrates-Mammals

The Main categories: Nature is split into the list which includes items to be drawn:




Include humans and all other animals that are warm-blooded vertebrates (vertebrates have backbones) with hair. They feed their young with milk and have a larger, more well-developed brain than other types of animals.

Order – 29 Family – 153 Genus – 1230
MONOTREMATA Tachyglossidae Tachyglossus
Tachyglossidae Zaglossus
Ornithorhynchidae Ornithorhynchus
DIDELPHIMORPHIA Didelphidae Caluromys
Didelphidae Caluromysiops
Didelphidae Glironia
Didelphidae Chironectes
Didelphidae Didelphis
Didelphidae Gracilinanus
Didelphidae Hyladelphys
Didelphidae Lestodelphys
Didelphidae Lutreolina
Didelphidae Marmosa
Didelphidae Marmosops
Didelphidae Metachirus
Didelphidae Micoureus
Didelphidae Monodelphis
Didelphidae Philander
Didelphidae Thylamys
Didelphidae Tlacuatzin
PAUCITUBERCULATA Caenolestidae Caenolestes
Caenolestidae Lestoros
Caenolestidae Rhyncholestes
MICROBIOTHERIA Microbiotheriidae Dromiciops
NOTORYCTEMORPHIA Notoryctidae Notoryctes
DASYUROMORPHIA Thylacinidae Thylacinus
Myrmecobiidae Myrmecobius
Dasyuridae Dasycercus
Dasyuridae Dasykaluta
Dasyuridae Dasyuroides
Dasyuridae Dasyurus
Dasyuridae Myoictis
Dasyuridae Neophascogale
Dasyuridae Parantechinus
Dasyuridae Phascolosorex
Dasyuridae Pseudantechinus
Dasyuridae Sarcophilus
Dasyuridae Antechinus
Dasyuridae Micromurexia
Dasyuridae Murexechinus
Dasyuridae Murexia
Dasyuridae Paramurexia
Dasyuridae Phascomurexia
Dasyuridae Phascogale
Dasyuridae Antechinomys
Dasyuridae Ningaui
Dasyuridae Sminthopsis
Dasyuridae Planigale
PERAMELEMORPHIA Thylacomyidae Macrotis
Chaeropodidae Chaeropus
Peramelidae Isoodon
Peramelidae Perameles
Peramelidae Peroryctes
Peramelidae Echymipera
Peramelidae Microperoryctes
Peramelidae Rhynchomeles
DIPROTODONTIA Phascolarctidae Phascolarctos
Vombatidae Lasiorhinus
Vombatidae Vombatus
Burramyidae Burramys
Burramyidae Cercartetus
Phalangeridae Ailurops
Phalangeridae Phalanger
Phalangeridae Spilocuscus
Phalangeridae Strigocuscus
Phalangeridae Trichosurus
Phalangeridae Wyulda
Pseudocheiridae Hemibelideus
Pseudocheiridae Petauroides
Pseudocheiridae Petropseudes
Pseudocheiridae Pseudocheirus
Pseudocheiridae Pseudochirulus
Pseudocheiridae Pseudochirops
Petauridae Dactylopsila
Petauridae Gymnobelideus
Petauridae Petaurus
Tarsipedidae Tarsipes
Acrobatidae Acrobates
Acrobatidae Distoechurus
Hypsiprymnodontidae Hypsiprymnodon
Potoroidae Aepyprymnus
Potoroidae Bettongia
Potoroidae Caloprymnus
Potoroidae Potorous
Macropodidae Lagostrophus
Macropodidae Dendrolagus
Macropodidae Dorcopsis
Macropodidae Dorcopsulus
Macropodidae Lagorchestes
Macropodidae Macropus
Macropodidae Onychogalea
Macropodidae Petrogale
Macropodidae Setonix
Macropodidae Thylogale
Macropodidae Wallabia
AFROSORICIDA Tenrecidae Geogale
Tenrecidae Limnogale
Tenrecidae Microgale
Tenrecidae Oryzorictes
Tenrecidae Micropotamogale
Tenrecidae Potamogale
Tenrecidae Echinops
Tenrecidae Hemicentetes
Tenrecidae Setifer
Tenrecidae Tenrec
Chrysochloridae Carpitalpa
Chrysochloridae Chlorotalpa
Chrysochloridae Chrysochloris
Chrysochloridae Chrysospalax
Chrysochloridae Cryptochloris
Chrysochloridae Eremitalpa
Chrysochloridae Amblysomus
Chrysochloridae Calcochloris
Chrysochloridae Neamblysomus
MACROSCELIDEA Macroscelididae Elephantulus
Macroscelididae Macroscelides
Macroscelididae Petrodromus
Macroscelididae Rhynchocyon
TUBULIDENTATA Orycteropodidae Orycteropus
HYRACOIDEA Procaviidae Dendrohyrax
Procaviidae Heterohyrax
Procaviidae Procavia
PROBOSCIDEA Elephantidae Elephas
Elephantidae Loxodonta
SIRENIA Dugongidae Dugong
Dugongidae Hydrodamalis
Trichechidae Trichechus
CINGULATA Dasypodidae Dasypus
Dasypodidae Calyptophractus
Dasypodidae Chaetophractus
Dasypodidae Chlamyphorus
Dasypodidae Euphractus
Dasypodidae Zaedyus
Dasypodidae Cabassous
Dasypodidae Priodontes
Dasypodidae Tolypeutes
PILOSA Bradypodidae Bradypus
Megalonychidae Choloepus
Cyclopedidae Cyclopes
Myrmecophagidae Myrmecophaga
Myrmecophagidae Tamandua
SCANDENTIA Tupaiidae Anathana
Tupaiidae Dendrogale
Tupaiidae Tupaia
Tupaiidae Urogale
Ptilocercidae Ptilocercus
DERMOPTERA Cynocephalidae Cynocephalus
Cynocephalidae Galeopterus
PRIMATES Cheirogaleidae Allocebus
Cheirogaleidae Cheirogaleus
Cheirogaleidae Microcebus
Cheirogaleidae Mirza
Cheirogaleidae Phaner
Lemuridae Eulemur
Lemuridae Hapalemur
Lemuridae Lemur
Lemuridae Prolemur
Lemuridae Varecia
Lepilemuridae Lepilemur
Indridae Avahi
Indridae Indri
Indridae Propithecus
Daubentoniidae Daubentonia
Lorisidae Arctocebus
Lorisidae Loris
Lorisidae Nycticebus
Lorisidae Perodicticus
Lorisidae Pseudopotto
Galagidae Euoticus
Galagidae Galago
Galagidae Otolemur
Tarsiidae Tarsius
Cebidae Callimico
Cebidae Callithrix
Cebidae Leontopithecus
Cebidae Saguinus
Cebidae Cebus
Cebidae Saimiri
Aotidae Aotus
Pitheciidae Callicebus
Pitheciidae Cacajao
Pitheciidae Chiropotes
Pitheciidae Pithecia
Atelidae Alouatta
Atelidae Ateles
Atelidae Brachyteles
Atelidae Lagothrix
Atelidae Oreonax
Cercopithecidae Allenopithecus
Cercopithecidae Cercocebus
Cercopithecidae Cercopithecus
Cercopithecidae Chlorocebus
Cercopithecidae Erythrocebus
Cercopithecidae Lophocebus
Cercopithecidae Macaca
Cercopithecidae Mandrillus
Cercopithecidae Miopithecus
Cercopithecidae Papio
Cercopithecidae Theropithecus
Cercopithecidae Colobus
Cercopithecidae Nasalis
Cercopithecidae Piliocolobus
Cercopithecidae Presbytis
Cercopithecidae Procolobus
Cercopithecidae Pygathrix
Cercopithecidae Rhinopithecus
Cercopithecidae Semnopithecus
Cercopithecidae Simias
Cercopithecidae Trachypithecus
Hylobatidae Bunopithecus
Hylobatidae Hylobates
Hylobatidae Nomascus
Hylobatidae Symphalangus
Hominidae Gorilla
Hominidae Homo
Hominidae Pan
Hominidae Pongo
RODENTIA Aplodontiidae Aplodontia
Sciuridae Ratufa
Sciuridae Sciurillus
Sciuridae Microsciurus
Sciuridae Rheithrosciurus
Sciuridae Sciurus
Sciuridae Syntheosciurus
Sciuridae Tamiasciurus
Sciuridae Aeretes
Sciuridae Aeromys
Sciuridae Belomys
Sciuridae Biswamoyopterus
Sciuridae Eoglaucomys
Sciuridae Eupetaurus
Sciuridae Glaucomys
Sciuridae Hylopetes
Sciuridae Iomys
Sciuridae Petaurillus
Sciuridae Petaurista
Sciuridae Petinomys
Sciuridae Pteromys
Sciuridae Pteromyscus
Sciuridae Trogopterus
Sciuridae Callosciurus
Sciuridae Dremomys
Sciuridae Exilisciurus
Sciuridae Funambulus
Sciuridae Glyphotes
Sciuridae Hyosciurus
Sciuridae Lariscus
Sciuridae Menetes
Sciuridae Nannosciurus
Sciuridae Prosciurillus
Sciuridae Rhinosciurus
Sciuridae Rubrisciurus
Sciuridae Sundasciurus
Sciuridae Tamiops
Sciuridae Atlantoxerus
Sciuridae Spermophilopsis
Sciuridae Xerus
Sciuridae Epixerus
Sciuridae Funisciurus
Sciuridae Heliosciurus
Sciuridae Myosciurus
Sciuridae Paraxerus
Sciuridae Protoxerus
Sciuridae Ammospermophilus
Sciuridae Cynomys
Sciuridae Marmota
Sciuridae Sciurotamias
Sciuridae Spermophilus
Sciuridae Tamias
Gliridae Graphiurus
Gliridae Chaetocauda
Gliridae Dryomys
Gliridae Eliomys
Gliridae Muscardinus
Gliridae Myomimus
Gliridae Selevinia
Gliridae Glirulus
Gliridae Glis
Castoridae Castor
Heteromyidae Dipodomys
Heteromyidae Microdipodops
Heteromyidae Heteromys
Heteromyidae Liomys
Heteromyidae Chaetodipus
Heteromyidae Perognathus
Geomyidae Cratogeomys
Geomyidae Geomys
Geomyidae Orthogeomys
Geomyidae Pappogeomys
Geomyidae Thomomys
Geomyidae Zygogeomys
Dipodidae Allactaga
Dipodidae Allactodipus
Dipodidae Pygeretmus
Dipodidae Cardiocranius
Dipodidae Salpingotulus
Dipodidae Salpingotus
Dipodidae Dipus
Dipodidae Eremodipus
Dipodidae Jaculus
Dipodidae Paradipus
Dipodidae Stylodipus
Dipodidae Euchoreutes
Dipodidae Sicista
Dipodidae Eozapus
Dipodidae Napaeozapus
Dipodidae Zapus
Platacanthomyidae Platacanthomys
Platacanthomyidae Typhlomys
Spalacidae Eospalax
Spalacidae Myospalax
Spalacidae Cannomys
Spalacidae Rhizomys
Spalacidae Spalax
Spalacidae Tachyoryctes
Calomyscidae Calomyscus
Nesomyidae Beamys
Nesomyidae Cricetomys
Nesomyidae Saccostomus
Nesomyidae Delanymys
Nesomyidae Dendromus
Nesomyidae Dendroprionomys
Nesomyidae Malacothrix
Nesomyidae Megadendromus
Nesomyidae Prionomys
Nesomyidae Steatomys
Nesomyidae Mystromys
Nesomyidae Brachytarsomys
Nesomyidae Brachyuromys
Nesomyidae Eliurus
Nesomyidae Gymnuromys
Nesomyidae Hypogeomys
Nesomyidae Macrotarsomys
Nesomyidae Monticolomys
Nesomyidae Nesomys
Nesomyidae Voalavo
Nesomyidae Petromyscus
Cricetidae Alticola
Cricetidae Arborimus
Cricetidae Arvicola
Cricetidae Blanfordimys
Cricetidae Caryomys
Cricetidae Chionomys
Cricetidae Dicrostonyx
Cricetidae Dinaromys
Cricetidae Ellobius
Cricetidae Eolagurus
Cricetidae Eothenomys
Cricetidae Hyperacrius
Cricetidae Lagurus
Cricetidae Lasiopodomys
Cricetidae Lemmiscus
Cricetidae Lemmus
Cricetidae Microtus
Cricetidae Myodes
Cricetidae Myopus
Cricetidae Neodon
Cricetidae Neofiber
Cricetidae Ondatra
Cricetidae Phaiomys
Cricetidae Phenacomys
Cricetidae Proedromys
Cricetidae Prometheomys
Cricetidae Synaptomys
Cricetidae Volemys
Cricetidae Allocricetulus
Cricetidae Cansumys
Cricetidae Cricetulus
Cricetidae Cricetus
Cricetidae Mesocricetus
Cricetidae Phodopus
Cricetidae Tscherskia
Cricetidae Lophiomys
Cricetidae Baiomys
Cricetidae Habromys
Cricetidae Hodomys
Cricetidae Isthmomys
Cricetidae Megadontomys
Cricetidae Nelsonia
Cricetidae Neotoma
Cricetidae Neotomodon
Cricetidae Ochrotomys
Cricetidae Onychomys
Cricetidae Osgoodomys
Cricetidae Peromyscus
Cricetidae Podomys
Cricetidae Reithrodontomys
Cricetidae Scotinomys
Cricetidae Xenomys
Cricetidae Abrawayaomys
Cricetidae Abrothrix
Cricetidae Aepeomys
Cricetidae Akodon
Cricetidae Amphinectomys
Cricetidae Andalgalomys
Cricetidae Andinomys
Cricetidae Anotomys
Cricetidae Auliscomys
Cricetidae Bibimys
Cricetidae Blarinomys
Cricetidae Brucepattersonius
Cricetidae Calomys
Cricetidae Chelemys
Cricetidae Chibchanomys
Cricetidae Chilomys
Cricetidae Chinchillula
Cricetidae Delomys
Cricetidae Deltamys
Cricetidae Eligmodontia
Cricetidae Euneomys
Cricetidae Galenomys
Cricetidae Geoxus
Cricetidae Graomys
Cricetidae Handleyomys
Cricetidae Holochilus
Cricetidae Ichthyomys
Cricetidae Irenomys
Cricetidae Juliomys
Cricetidae Juscelinomys
Cricetidae Kunsia
Cricetidae Lenoxus
Cricetidae Loxodontomys
Cricetidae Lundomys
Cricetidae Megalomys
Cricetidae Megaoryzomys
Cricetidae Melanomys
Cricetidae Microakodontomys
Cricetidae Microryzomys
Cricetidae Neacomys
Cricetidae Necromys
Cricetidae Nectomys
Cricetidae Neotomys
Cricetidae Nesoryzomys
Cricetidae Neusticomys
Cricetidae Noronhomys
Cricetidae Notiomys
Cricetidae Oecomys
Cricetidae Oligoryzomys
Cricetidae Oryzomys
Cricetidae Oxymycterus
Cricetidae Paralomys
Cricetidae Pearsonomys
Cricetidae Phaenomys
Cricetidae Phyllotis
Cricetidae Podoxymys
Cricetidae Pseudoryzomys
Cricetidae Punomys
Cricetidae Reithrodon
Cricetidae Rhagomys
Cricetidae Rheomys
Cricetidae Rhipidomys
Cricetidae Salinomys
Cricetidae Scapteromys
Cricetidae Scolomys
Cricetidae Sigmodon
Cricetidae Sigmodontomys
Cricetidae Tapecomys
Cricetidae Thalpomys
Cricetidae Thaptomys
Cricetidae Thomasomys
Cricetidae Wiedomys
Cricetidae Wilfredomys
Cricetidae Zygodontomys
Cricetidae Nyctomys
Cricetidae Otonyctomys
Cricetidae Ototylomys
Cricetidae Tylomys
Muridae Acomys
Muridae Deomys
Muridae Lophuromys
Muridae Uranomys
Muridae Ammodillus
Muridae Brachiones
Muridae Desmodilliscus
Muridae Desmodillus
Muridae Dipodillus
Muridae Gerbilliscus
Muridae Gerbillurus
Muridae Gerbillus
Muridae Meriones
Muridae Microdillus
Muridae Pachyuromys
Muridae Psammomys
Muridae Rhombomys
Muridae Sekeetamys
Muridae Tatera
Muridae Taterillus
Muridae Leimacomys
Muridae Abditomys
Muridae Abeomelomys
Muridae Aethomys
Muridae Anisomys
Muridae Anonymomys
Muridae Apodemus
Muridae Apomys
Muridae Archboldomys
Muridae Arvicanthis
Muridae Bandicota
Muridae Batomys
Muridae Berylmys
Muridae Bullimus
Muridae Bunomys
Muridae Carpomys
Muridae Chiromyscus
Muridae Chiropodomys
Muridae Chiruromys
Muridae Chrotomys
Muridae Coccymys
Muridae Colomys
Muridae Conilurus
Muridae Coryphomys
Muridae Crateromys
Muridae Cremnomys
Muridae Crossomys
Muridae Crunomys
Muridae Dacnomys
Muridae Dasymys
Muridae Dephomys
Muridae Desmomys
Muridae Diomys
Muridae Diplothrix
Muridae Echiothrix
Muridae Eropeplus
Muridae Golunda
Muridae Grammomys
Muridae Hadromys
Muridae Haeromys
Muridae Hapalomys
Muridae Heimyscus
Muridae Hybomys
Muridae Hydromys
Muridae Hylomyscus
Muridae Hyomys
Muridae Kadarsanomys
Muridae Komodomys
Muridae Lamottemys
Muridae Leggadina
Muridae Lemniscomys
Muridae Lenomys
Muridae Lenothrix
Muridae Leopoldamys
Muridae Leporillus
Muridae Leptomys
Muridae Limnomys
Muridae Lorentzimys
Muridae Macruromys
Muridae Madromys
Muridae Malacomys
Muridae Mallomys
Muridae Malpaisomys
Muridae Mammelomys
Muridae Margaretamys
Muridae Mastacomys
Muridae Mastomys
Muridae Maxomys
Muridae Melasmothrix
Muridae Melomys
Muridae Mesembriomys
Muridae Micaelamys
Muridae Microhydromys
Muridae Micromys
Muridae Millardia
Muridae Muriculus
Muridae Mus
Muridae Mylomys
Muridae Myomyscus
Muridae Nesokia
Muridae Nesoromys
Muridae Nilopegamys
Muridae Niviventer
Muridae Notomys
Muridae Oenomys
Muridae Palawanomys
Muridae Papagomys
Muridae Parahydromys
Muridae Paraleptomys
Muridae Paramelomys
Muridae Paruromys
Muridae Paulamys
Muridae Pelomys
Muridae Phloeomys
Muridae Pithecheir
Muridae Pithecheirops
Muridae Pogonomelomys
Muridae Pogonomys
Muridae Praomys
Muridae Protochromys
Muridae Pseudohydromys
Muridae Pseudomys
Muridae Rattus
Muridae Rhabdomys
Muridae Rhagamys
Muridae Rhynchomys
Muridae Solomys
Muridae Sommeromys
Muridae Spelaeomys
Muridae Srilankamys
Muridae Stenocephalemys
Muridae Stochomys
Muridae Sundamys
Muridae Taeromys
Muridae Tarsomys
Muridae Tateomys
Muridae Thallomys
Muridae Thamnomys
Muridae Tokudaia
Muridae Tryphomys
Muridae Uromys
Muridae Vandeleuria
Muridae Vernaya
Muridae Xenuromys
Muridae Xeromys
Muridae Zelotomys
Muridae Zyzomys
Muridae Myotomys
Muridae Otomys
Muridae Parotomys
Anomaluridae Anomalurus
Anomaluridae Idiurus
Anomaluridae Zenkerella
Pedetidae Pedetes
Ctenodactylidae Ctenodactylus
Ctenodactylidae Felovia
Ctenodactylidae Massoutiera
Ctenodactylidae Pectinator
Bathyergidae Bathyergus
Bathyergidae Cryptomys
Bathyergidae Georychus
Bathyergidae Heliophobius
Bathyergidae Heterocephalus
Hystricidae Atherurus
Hystricidae Hystrix
Hystricidae Trichys
Petromuridae Petromus
Thryonomyidae Thryonomys
Erethizontidae Chaetomys
Erethizontidae Coendou
Erethizontidae Echinoprocta
Erethizontidae Erethizon
Erethizontidae Sphiggurus
Chinchillidae Chinchilla
Chinchillidae Lagidium
Chinchillidae Lagostomus
Dinomyidae Dinomys
Caviidae Cavia
Caviidae Galea
Caviidae Microcavia
Caviidae Dolichotis
Caviidae Hydrochoeris
Caviidae Kerodon
Dasyproctidae Dasyprocta
Dasyproctidae Myoprocta
Cuniculidae Cuniculus
Ctenomyidae Ctenomys
Octodontidae Aconaemys
Octodontidae Octodon
Octodontidae Octodontomys
Octodontidae Octomys
Octodontidae Pipanacoctomys
Octodontidae Salinoctomys
Octodontidae Spalacopus
Octodontidae Tympanoctomys
Abrocomidae Abrocoma
Abrocomidae Cuscomys
Echimyidae Dactylomys
Echimyidae Kannabateomys
Echimyidae Olallamys
Echimyidae Callistomys
Echimyidae Diplomys
Echimyidae Echimys
Echimyidae Isothrix
Echimyidae Makalata
Echimyidae Phyllomys
Echimyidae Carterodon
Echimyidae Clyomys
Echimyidae Euryzygomatomys
Echimyidae Hoplomys
Echimyidae Lonchothrix
Echimyidae Mesomys
Echimyidae Proechimys
Echimyidae Thrichomys
Echimyidae Trinomys
Echimyidae Boromys
Echimyidae Brotomys
Echimyidae Heteropsomys
Myocastoridae Myocastor
Capromyidae Capromys
Capromyidae Geocapromys
Capromyidae Mesocapromys
Capromyidae Mysateles
Capromyidae Hexolobodon
Capromyidae Isolobodon
Capromyidae Plagiodontia
Capromyidae Rhizoplagiodontia
Heptaxodontidae Clidomys
Heptaxodontidae Amblyrhiza
Heptaxodontidae Elasmodontomys
Heptaxodontidae Quemisia
LAGOMORPHA Ochotonidae Ochotona
Prolagidae Prolagus
Leporidae Brachylagus
Leporidae Bunolagus
Leporidae Caprolagus
Leporidae Lepus
Leporidae Nesolagus
Leporidae Oryctolagus
Leporidae Pentalagus
Leporidae Poelagus
Leporidae Pronolagus
Leporidae Romerolagus
Leporidae Sylvilagus
ERINACEOMORPHA Erinaceidae Atelerix
Erinaceidae Erinaceus
Erinaceidae Hemiechinus
Erinaceidae Mesechinus
Erinaceidae Paraechinus
Erinaceidae Echinosorex
Erinaceidae Hylomys
Erinaceidae Neohylomys
Erinaceidae Neotetracus
Erinaceidae Podogymnura
SORICOMORPHA Nesophontidae Nesophontes
Solenodontidae Solenodon
Soricidae Crocidura
Soricidae Diplomesodon
Soricidae Feroculus
Soricidae Paracrocidura
Soricidae Ruwenzorisorex
Soricidae Scutisorex
Soricidae Solisorex
Soricidae Suncus
Soricidae Sylvisorex
Soricidae Congosorex
Soricidae Myosorex
Soricidae Surdisorex
Soricidae Anourosorex
Soricidae Blarinella
Soricidae Blarina
Soricidae Cryptotis
Soricidae Chimarrogale
Soricidae Chodsigoa
Soricidae Episoriculus
Soricidae Nectogale
Soricidae Neomys
Soricidae Nesiotites
Soricidae Soriculus
Soricidae Megasorex
Soricidae Notiosorex
Soricidae Sorex
Talpidae Condylura
Talpidae Parascalops
Talpidae Scalopus
Talpidae Scapanulus
Talpidae Scapanus
Talpidae Desmana
Talpidae Galemys
Talpidae Neurotrichus
Talpidae Scaptonyx
Talpidae Euroscaptor
Talpidae Mogera
Talpidae Parascaptor
Talpidae Scaptochirus
Talpidae Talpa
Talpidae Dymecodon
Talpidae Urotrichus
Talpidae Uropsilus
CHIROPTERA Pteropodidae Acerodon
Pteropodidae Aethalops
Pteropodidae Alionycteris
Pteropodidae Aproteles
Pteropodidae Balionycteris
Pteropodidae Casinycteris
Pteropodidae Chironax
Pteropodidae Cynopterus
Pteropodidae Dobsonia
Pteropodidae Dyacopterus
Pteropodidae Eidolon
Pteropodidae Eonycteris
Pteropodidae Epomophorus
Pteropodidae Epomops
Pteropodidae Haplonycteris
Pteropodidae Harpyionycteris
Pteropodidae Hypsignathus
Pteropodidae Latidens
Pteropodidae Lissonycteris
Pteropodidae Macroglossus
Pteropodidae Megaerops
Pteropodidae Megaloglossus
Pteropodidae Melonycteris
Pteropodidae Micropteropus
Pteropodidae Myonycteris
Pteropodidae Nanonycteris
Pteropodidae Neopteryx
Pteropodidae Notopteris
Pteropodidae Nyctimene
Pteropodidae Otopteropus
Pteropodidae Paranyctimene
Pteropodidae Penthetor
Pteropodidae Plerotes
Pteropodidae Ptenochirus
Pteropodidae Pteralopex
Pteropodidae Pteropus
Pteropodidae Rousettus
Pteropodidae Scotonycteris
Pteropodidae Sphaerias
Pteropodidae Styloctenium
Pteropodidae Syconycteris
Pteropodidae Thoopterus
Rhinolophidae Rhinolophus
Hipposideridae Anthops
Hipposideridae Asellia
Hipposideridae Aselliscus
Hipposideridae Cloeotis
Hipposideridae Coelops
Hipposideridae Hipposideros
Hipposideridae Paracoelops
Hipposideridae Rhinonicteris
Hipposideridae Triaenops
Megadermatidae Cardioderma
Megadermatidae Lavia
Megadermatidae Macroderma
Megadermatidae Megaderma
Rhinopomatidae Rhinopoma
Craseonycteridae Craseonycteris
Emballonuridae Saccolaimus
Emballonuridae Taphozous
Emballonuridae Balantiopteryx
Emballonuridae Centronycteris
Emballonuridae Coleura
Emballonuridae Cormura
Emballonuridae Cyttarops
Emballonuridae Diclidurus
Emballonuridae Emballonura
Emballonuridae Mosia
Emballonuridae Peropteryx
Emballonuridae Rhynchonycteris
Emballonuridae Saccopteryx
Nycteridae Nycteris
Myzopodidae Myzopoda
Mystacinidae Mystacina
Phyllostomidae Desmodus
Phyllostomidae Diaemus
Phyllostomidae Diphylla
Phyllostomidae Brachyphylla
Phyllostomidae Erophylla
Phyllostomidae Phyllonycteris
Phyllostomidae Anoura
Phyllostomidae Choeroniscus
Phyllostomidae Choeronycteris
Phyllostomidae Glossophaga
Phyllostomidae Hylonycteris
Phyllostomidae Leptonycteris
Phyllostomidae Lichonycteris
Phyllostomidae Monophyllus
Phyllostomidae Musonycteris
Phyllostomidae Scleronycteris
Phyllostomidae Lionycteris
Phyllostomidae Lonchophylla
Phyllostomidae Platalina
Phyllostomidae Chrotopterus
Phyllostomidae Glyphonycteris
Phyllostomidae Lampronycteris
Phyllostomidae Lonchorhina
Phyllostomidae Lophostoma
Phyllostomidae Macrophyllum
Phyllostomidae Macrotus
Phyllostomidae Micronycteris
Phyllostomidae Mimon
Phyllostomidae Neonycteris
Phyllostomidae Phylloderma
Phyllostomidae Phyllostomus
Phyllostomidae Tonatia
Phyllostomidae Trachops
Phyllostomidae Trinycteris
Phyllostomidae Vampyrum
Phyllostomidae Carollia
Phyllostomidae Rhinophylla
Phyllostomidae Sturnira
Phyllostomidae Ametrida
Phyllostomidae Ardops
Phyllostomidae Ariteus
Phyllostomidae Artibeus
Phyllostomidae Centurio
Phyllostomidae Chiroderma
Phyllostomidae Ectophylla
Phyllostomidae Enchisthenes
Phyllostomidae Mesophylla
Phyllostomidae Phyllops
Phyllostomidae Platyrrhinus
Phyllostomidae Pygoderma
Phyllostomidae Sphaeronycteris
Phyllostomidae Stenoderma
Phyllostomidae Uroderma
Phyllostomidae Vampyressa
Phyllostomidae Vampyrodes
Mormoopidae Mormoops
Mormoopidae Pteronotus
Noctilionidae Noctilio
Furipteridae Amorphochilus
Furipteridae Furipterus
Thyropteridae Thyroptera
Natalidae Chilonatalus
Natalidae Natalus
Natalidae Nyctiellus
Molossidae Tomopeas
Molossidae Chaerephon
Molossidae Cheiromeles
Molossidae Cynomops
Molossidae Eumops
Molossidae Molossops
Molossidae Molossus
Molossidae Mops
Molossidae Mormopterus
Molossidae Myopterus
Molossidae Nyctinomops
Molossidae Otomops
Molossidae Platymops
Molossidae Promops
Molossidae Sauromys
Molossidae Tadarida
Vespertilionidae Arielulus
Vespertilionidae Eptesicus
Vespertilionidae Hesperoptenus
Vespertilionidae Lasiurus
Vespertilionidae Nycticeinops
Vespertilionidae Nycticeius
Vespertilionidae Rhogeessa
Vespertilionidae Scoteanax
Vespertilionidae Scotoecus
Vespertilionidae Scotomanes
Vespertilionidae Scotophilus
Vespertilionidae Scotorepens
Vespertilionidae Nyctophilus
Vespertilionidae Pharotis
Vespertilionidae Glischropus
Vespertilionidae Nyctalus
Vespertilionidae Pipistrellus
Vespertilionidae Scotozous
Vespertilionidae Barbastella
Vespertilionidae Corynorhinus
Vespertilionidae Euderma
Vespertilionidae Idionycteris
Vespertilionidae Otonycteris
Vespertilionidae Plecotus
Vespertilionidae Chalinolobus
Vespertilionidae Eudiscopus
Vespertilionidae Falsistrellus
Vespertilionidae Glauconycteris
Vespertilionidae Histiotus
Vespertilionidae Hypsugo
Vespertilionidae Ia
Vespertilionidae Laephotis
Vespertilionidae Mimetillus
Vespertilionidae Neoromicia
Vespertilionidae Philetor
Vespertilionidae Tylonycteris
Vespertilionidae Vespadelus
Vespertilionidae Vespertilio
Vespertilionidae Antrozous
Vespertilionidae Bauerus
Vespertilionidae Cistugo
Vespertilionidae Lasionycteris
Vespertilionidae Myotis
Vespertilionidae Miniopterus
Vespertilionidae Harpiocephalus
Vespertilionidae Murina
Vespertilionidae Kerivoula
Vespertilionidae Phoniscus
PHOLIDOTA Manidae Manis
CARNIVORA Felidae Acinonyx
Felidae Caracal
Felidae Catopuma
Felidae Felis
Felidae Leopardus
Felidae Leptailurus
Felidae Lynx
Felidae Pardofelis
Felidae Prionailurus
Felidae Profelis
Felidae Puma
Felidae Neofelis
Felidae Panthera
Felidae Uncia
Viverridae Arctictis
Viverridae Arctogalidia
Viverridae Macrogalidia
Viverridae Paguma
Viverridae Paradoxurus
Viverridae Chrotogale
Viverridae Cynogale
Viverridae Diplogale
Viverridae Hemigalus
Viverridae Prionodon
Viverridae Civettictis
Viverridae Genetta
Viverridae Poiana
Viverridae Viverra
Viverridae Viverricula
Eupleridae Cryptoprocta
Eupleridae Eupleres
Eupleridae Fossa
Eupleridae Galidia
Eupleridae Galidictis
Eupleridae Mungotictis
Eupleridae Salanoia
Nandiniidae Nandinia
Herpestidae Atilax
Herpestidae Bdeogale
Herpestidae Crossarchus
Herpestidae Cynictis
Herpestidae Dologale
Herpestidae Galerella
Herpestidae Helogale
Herpestidae Herpestes
Herpestidae Ichneumia
Herpestidae Liberiictis
Herpestidae Mungos
Herpestidae Paracynictis
Herpestidae Rhynchogale
Herpestidae Suricata
Hyaenidae Crocuta
Hyaenidae Hyaena
Hyaenidae Proteles
Canidae Atelocynus
Canidae Canis
Canidae Cerdocyon
Canidae Chrysocyon
Canidae Cuon
Canidae Dusicyon
Canidae Lycalopex
Canidae Lycaon
Canidae Nyctereutes
Canidae Otocyon
Canidae Speothos
Canidae Urocyon
Canidae Vulpes
Ursidae Ailuropoda
Ursidae Helarctos
Ursidae Melursus
Ursidae Tremarctos
Ursidae Ursus
Otariidae Arctocephalus
Otariidae Callorhinus
Otariidae Eumetopias
Otariidae Neophoca
Otariidae Otaria
Otariidae Phocarctos
Otariidae Zalophus
Odobenidae Odobenus
Phocidae Cystophora
Phocidae Erignathus
Phocidae Halichoerus
Phocidae Histriophoca
Phocidae Hydrurga
Phocidae Leptonychotes
Phocidae Lobodon
Phocidae Mirounga
Phocidae Monachus
Phocidae Ommatophoca
Phocidae Pagophilus
Phocidae Phoca
Phocidae Pusa
Mustelidae Aonyx
Mustelidae Enhydra
Mustelidae Hydrictis
Mustelidae Lontra
Mustelidae Lutra
Mustelidae Lutrogale
Mustelidae Pteronura
Mustelidae Arctonyx
Mustelidae Eira
Mustelidae Galictis
Mustelidae Gulo
Mustelidae Ictonyx
Mustelidae Lyncodon
Mustelidae Martes
Mustelidae Meles
Mustelidae Mellivora
Mustelidae Melogale
Mustelidae Mustela
Mustelidae Neovison
Mustelidae Poecilogale
Mustelidae Taxidea
Mustelidae Vormela
Mephitidae Conepatus
Mephitidae Mephitis
Mephitidae Mydaus
Mephitidae Spilogale
Procyonidae Bassaricyon
Procyonidae Bassariscus
Procyonidae Nasua
Procyonidae Nasuella
Procyonidae Potos
Procyonidae Procyon
Ailuridae Ailurus
Tapiridae Tapirus
Rhinocerotidae Ceratotherium
Rhinocerotidae Dicerorhinus
Rhinocerotidae Diceros
Rhinocerotidae Rhinoceros
ARTIODACTYLA Suidae Babyrousa
Suidae Hylochoerus
Suidae Phacochoerus
Suidae Potamochoerus
Suidae Sus
Tayassuidae Catagonus
Tayassuidae Pecari
Tayassuidae Tayassu
Hippopotamidae Hexaprotodon
Hippopotamidae Hippopotamus
Camelidae Camelus
Camelidae Lama
Camelidae Vicugna
Tragulidae Hyemoschus
Tragulidae Moschiola
Tragulidae Tragulus
Moschidae Moschus
Cervidae Alces
Cervidae Blastocerus
Cervidae Capreolus
Cervidae Hippocamelus
Cervidae Mazama
Cervidae Odocoileus
Cervidae Ozotoceros
Cervidae Pudu
Cervidae Rangifer
Cervidae Axis
Cervidae Cervus
Cervidae Dama
Cervidae Elaphodus
Cervidae Elaphurus
Cervidae Muntiacus
Cervidae Przewalskium
Cervidae Rucervus
Cervidae Rusa
Cervidae Hydropotes
Antilocapridae Antilocapra
Giraffidae Giraffa
Giraffidae Okapia
Bovidae Aepyceros
Bovidae Alcelaphus
Bovidae Beatragus
Bovidae Connochaetes
Bovidae Damaliscus
Bovidae Ammodorcas
Bovidae Antidorcas
Bovidae Antilope
Bovidae Dorcatragus
Bovidae Eudorcas
Bovidae Gazella
Bovidae Litocranius
Bovidae Madoqua
Bovidae Nanger
Bovidae Neotragus
Bovidae Oreotragus
Bovidae Ourebia
Bovidae Procapra
Bovidae Raphicerus
Bovidae Saiga
Bovidae Bison
Bovidae Bos
Bovidae Boselaphus
Bovidae Bubalus
Bovidae Pseudoryx
Bovidae Syncerus
Bovidae Taurotragus
Bovidae Tetracerus
Bovidae Tragelaphus
Bovidae Ammotragus
Bovidae Budorcas
Bovidae Capra
Bovidae Capricornis
Bovidae Hemitragus
Bovidae Naemorhedus
Bovidae Oreamnos
Bovidae Ovibos
Bovidae Ovis
Bovidae Pantholops
Bovidae Pseudois
Bovidae Rupicapra
Bovidae Cephalophus
Bovidae Philantomba
Bovidae Sylvicapra
Bovidae Addax
Bovidae Hippotragus
Bovidae Oryx
Bovidae Kobus
Bovidae Pelea
Bovidae Redunca
CETACEA Balaenidae Balaena
Balaenidae Eubalaena
Balaenopteridae Balaenoptera
Balaenopteridae Megaptera
Eschrichtiidae Eschrichtius
Neobalaenidae Caperea
Delphinidae Cephalorhynchus
Delphinidae Delphinus
Delphinidae Feresa
Delphinidae Globicephala
Delphinidae Grampus
Delphinidae Lagenodelphis
Delphinidae Lagenorhynchus
Delphinidae Lissodelphis
Delphinidae Orcaella
Delphinidae Orcinus
Delphinidae Peponocephala
Delphinidae Pseudorca
Delphinidae Sotalia
Delphinidae Sousa
Delphinidae Stenella
Delphinidae Steno
Delphinidae Tursiops
Monodontidae Delphinapterus
Monodontidae Monodon
Phocoenidae Neophocaena
Phocoenidae Phocoena
Phocoenidae Phocoenoides
Physeteridae Kogia
Physeteridae Physeter
Platanistidae Platanista
Iniidae Inia
Iniidae Lipotes
Iniidae Pontoporia
Ziphiidae Berardius
Ziphiidae Hyperoodon
Ziphiidae Indopacetus
Ziphiidae Mesoplodon
Ziphiidae Tasmacetus
Ziphiidae Ziphius



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