12 Styles

In the illustration field, a Style is more of a way of looking at a variety of illustrated works that share a common trait. illustraStock offers different styles within the collections.


Creating an illustration is a long process that can take hours. The most common situation is by ending up with only one result. But we use a “step-system” that creates one independent illustration for each one of the creation steps. Maybe it can take a little longer, yes, but instead of ending up with only one illustration, the step-system offers one illustration for each one of the steps of the creation.

Let’s look at the example: Instead of drawing one three and a rock from the beginning till the end and offer them as one single illustration, we create 6 different illustrations by splitting the creation of the illustration in 6 steps. Each time one step is finished, so is one illustration, and it serves as a start for the next step. Maybe the final time is 90 minutes now instead of the previous 60 minutes, but now we have 6 illustrations, the average time goes from 1 hour, to 15 minutes illustration.



1. Outlines; 2. Details;  3. Solid Base; 4. Colors; 5. Shadows; 6. Lights

The step-system needs more time for the creation of all the elements in high quality, but it offers the same amount of work to many more illustrations and diversity to the customers. As each illustration uses others as starting point, all of them are 100% related and we can offer the illustrations the same place. To have just one place for several illustrations saves a lot of time as publishing one illustration is one of the slowest tasks of the creation of illustrations.

illustraStock Styles

Simple and minimal. No gradients, shadows or colors besides the template recommendations for each style. It is important to follow the order of the styles in the creation of the illustrations in order to be efficient (creating more illustrations with each passing day).

Their representation is not stylistically restricted by structural constraints. The primary goal is to provide a realistic representation of the metaphor that is true to the material attributes of the object that is being rendered. The style is more realistic than illustrative, but not quite photorealistic. illustraStock illustrations are symbolic images—they should look better than photorealistic!

Therefore, the visual image should be close in terms of dimensions and proportions, and should provide “an overall impression of what an object is or does, to enhance the viewer’s interest and understanding

This is the visual and stylistic approach in illustraStock design system. The style is intended to offer a range of flexibility while maintaining a consistent brand approach. The various styles in the system add attributes to these base guiding principals, which create a system of related illustrations. The attributes are not flexible, and differ from one style to another.

illustraStock Styles: Basic > Doodle.

The order with the creation of the styles is:

  • First Step:
    • Basic style
  • Second Step:
    • Doodle style
  • Third Step:
    • Coming soon



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