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People is an illustration of a person ( examples of the different body positions of people while they are doing activities, occupations or sports) that you want to include in your illustration and create an action, situation, story, service or products. People just standing or in a position in the middle of a key activity with the job attire. You can extend your own scenarios without the need of refined drawing skills.

Elements to draw

We use different lists for the subcategories:

  • Activities refer an organization of activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time (9 Major groups in our own Activity classification). Each group has to be extended upon request. Activities.
  • Occupations refer an organization of jobs into a clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the job (10 Major group43 Sub-Major group130 Minor groups, [ 436 Units groups ], with 7.017 jobs examples.) We use the ISCO classification (ISCO extension can be found here). Also the SOC Manual: 2010 as complement.
  • Positions (> Yoga Positions) refers to the different physical configurations that the human body can take. (23 Major groups and several examples). We compile a list with positions groups and some examples. Each group has to be extended upon request. Positions.
  • Sports refer an organization of sports into a clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the activity (12 Major groups, 71 Units groups, with 967 sport examples.) We use our own sport classification based on Wp.

Naming of the files

You can see the general information about the naming of the files here:

We offer several examples of names of the “same” type of illustration for the different collections.


People Activities

  • Main character:
  • Secondary character:


  • Item at level 2:
  • Item at level 3:


  • For positions:


  • For team sports:
  • For single player sports:


  • Matrix
  • OpenCity
    • Under construction
  • Perspective
    • Under construction
  • 3Dimensions
    • Under construction


  • Activities
    • Activities hobbies
    • Artistic activities
    • Visits
    • Entertainment activities
    • Outdoor activities
    • Cultural activities
    • Playful activities
    • Social activities
    • Relaxation activities
  • Occupations
    • Managers
    • Professionals
    • Technicians and associate professionals
    • Clerical support workers
    • Service and sales workers
    • Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
    • Craft and related trades workers
    • Plant and machine operators, and assemblers
    • Elementary occupations
    • Armed forces occupations
  • Positions
    • Positions
  • Sports and leisure
    • Air sports
    • Athletics
    • Ball Sports
    • Board
    • Combat sports
    • Motorsports
    • Ridding
    • Table sports
    • Target sports
    • Watersports
    • Winter sports
    • Other sports



  • Age_Seniors
  • Age_Adults
  • Age_Young
  • Age_Children


  • Ra-Africa_Black
  • Ra-Africa_North
  • Ra-America_Central_&_South
  • Ra-America_North
  • Ra-Asia_Central
  • Ra-Asia_East
  • Ra-Asian_Southeast
  • Ra-Australia
  • Ra-Caucasus
  • Ra-Europe_Eastern
  • Ra-Europe_Western
  • Ra-Hindustan
  • Ra-Horn_of_Africa_&_Sudan
  • Ra-Joisán_Peoples
  • Ra-Melanesia
  • Ra-Middle_East
  • Ra-Polynesia_&_Micronesia
  • Ra-Siberia


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