39 Matrix: Scenographies

The Scenographies category require the creation of a standardized collection of Forest and semi-natural areas & Water bodies; Primary, Secondary & Tertiary production; and Urban/Rural scenes with illustraStock’s standards. The Scenographies category list of elements contain the following organization for the different sub-categories:

  • Rooms/Spaces: are the space where the scene take place. A room or an open space whith the key secondary elements in the base layer of the illustration.
  • Complements: are the big elements that caracterize the scene.
  • Objects. are the tiny elements that can be chage upon the configuration of the scene.

Scenographies category offer in each item one room or space for the recreation of one scene. Is important to draw the diversity that implies the scene* in order to give more flexibility of reutilization. Variations of the same scene are necesary and it requires to use the background of the room or space (some times even the complements or objects).

*If the scene requires of several step to realice a proces, the recomendation is somehow to draw the element in all the steeps or to create different machines with all the process inside of the scene.

We will select the artboart sizes of the file by the aprox size of the room or space at scale.

The templates for the Scenographies category are

  • Scenographies category templates by default (the apropiate arboart size based on the specifical situation);
  • Scenographies plus template is a version fo the 5x and 10x whith a bigger Height.



272 – 600px 1.184px.


The same collection of Indoor templates (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x and 10x) works with each subcategory (Urban/Rural and Primary, Secondary & Tertiary production). One file offer just one scene.



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