110 Scenographies: Residential Buildings

The Main categories: Secenographies are split into the list which includes items to be drawn: Urban/Rural (Civil engineering works, Residential Buildings, Sport and Recreation Constructions) Primary, Secondary & Tertiary production (Economic Activities and Land Use for buildings) and Forest and semi-natural areas & Water bodies (Landscapes).

Buildings refer to roofed constructions which can be used separately, have been built for permanent purposes, can be entered by persons and are suitable or intended for protecting persons, animals or objects. It is one of the two categories of Types of constructions. (2 sections at Level 1, 6 divisions at Level 2, 20 groups at Level 3 and 46 classes at Level 4.) We use the CTC (Classification of Types of Constructions).

Elements to Draw

  1. One-dwelling buildings
    includes: detached houses such as bungalows, villas, chalets, forest lodges, farmhouses, country houses, summer houses, weekend houses, etc.
    also includes: semi-detached or terraced houses, with each dwelling having its own roof and its own entrance directly from ground surface.
  2. Two-dwelling buildings
    includes: detached houses, semi-detached or terraced houses, with two dwellings.
  3. Three- and more dwelling buildings
    includes: other residential buildings such as flat blocks, apartment houses, with three or more dwellings.
  4. Residences for communities
    includes: residential buildings for communities, including residences and service residences for the elderly, students, children and other social groups.



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