45 OpenCity Scales* falta cambiar de MATRIX a OC

There are two types of scales.

  • for indoor representations 1:50
  • for outdoor representations 1:250

Also there is a template for the creation of People at 1:50.

Both scales are proportional. Changing one illustration from outdoor to indoor is simple by scaling 500% or 20% for the opposite.

All the templates use a 64px grid. A modular system that allows illustrations to be used in other illustrators’ work easily. We need to think about what the Sims video game does while creating of their objects/rooms, where the videogame allow with a green color or does not allow with red color to be used an object if there is not any space in the modular grid of the base.

Measures 1:50

The Indoor measures offer a scale where:

  • 1m = 56,693px,
  • 0,5m=28,346px.

The template offers other help like:

  • the half size or table size 0,85m (96px),
  • the size of a person 1,7m (192px),
  • the maximum size of a piece of furniture at approx. 2m (224px),
  • the maximum size of the artboard (for a scenography template) 2,25m (256px).

The template helps to create the illustration by giving an aproximate proportion at scale for an object. We need to remember that the illustrations of illustraStock are not created for the perfection of the dimensions but for the modular use instead. It is more important that we can integrate two illustrations in a new one than to have the real size of the object in the illustration.

That’s why we also have some px recommendations for the height of basic day life objects:

  • tv size: 32px (0,28m)
  • chair size: 48px (0,42m)
  • bed size: 64px (0,56m)
  • table size: 80px (0,70m)
  • modular size: 96px (0,84m)
  • wardrobe size: 224px (1,97m)

The creation of an object can be really different between different models and brands. That is why dor mathematical perfection, we need visual correction and we need to try creating the objects in one of those different heights rounding the size to 32, 48, 64, 80, 96px as all of them are multiple mathematical perfect at 64px.

For the width, we need to apply the same principle. The rounding of the size of an object to a pure multiple of 64px (16-32-64-96-128…) is more important.

Measures 1:250

The Outdoor measures offer a scale where:

  • 5m = 56,693px,
  • 1m = 11,338px,
  • 0,5m=5,669px.

The template offer other help like:

  • the module 0,85m (19,2px),
  • the size of a person 1,7m (38,4px),
  • the size of the base ground floor 2,46m (56px),
  • the size of the rest of the floors (2nd,3rd,4th… floor) 2,82m (64px).

People Measures

The People measures offer 4 types of growing stages for Male and a Female at 1:50 Scale:

  • male/female – Adult        ≈ 1,7m = 192px,
  • male/female – Teenager ≈ 1,4m = 160px,
  • male/female – Children  ≈ 1,1m = 124px,
  • male/female – Baby         ≈ 0,8m =   90px.

The template also offers a representation of 3 positions: Front, Side and Back.

With more details, we offer the length of the different parts of the body.

Also the length of the different cloth pieces.

With that template creation of people is standardized. Remember, do not draw faces (eyes, nose, lips, ears) to the people.


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