56 Templates: Matrix-Assets

IllustraStock have templates that boost the productivity. Matrix templates offer ready to use components, modules or elements created with the common settings of the collection:

Base elements templates

We have a collection of ready to use Base elements for the creation of different illustrations for some of the categories. The elements most of you need all the time are already created, increasing the speed with the creation of the illustrations while we keep the same basic style.

To create a new version of a collection of Base elements is easy, choose one, download it and make your own version.

Just Collection Editors can create a new collection (ask to your Collection Editor if you need a new one).

Backgrounds templates

We have a ready to use collection of Backgrounds for the creation of different illustrations for all the different categories of illustrations. Having a collection of Backgrounds (or Templates) with the same or related Base elements allows giving context to illustrations when the Background is not the object of the illustration. That standardization makes the creation of an illustrate world possible in record time.


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