127 Templates: iCon

IllustraStock have Templates for each of the collections that boost the productivity. Here are the resources for iCon collection.

There are two types of Templates: Base Templates and Templates (Base elements and Backgrounds). For more information about templates, read the tutorial here.

Base Templates

iCon collection requires just one type of template for each situation. Base templates are empty canvases for digital illustrations:


The Template is ready for the creation of the icons with 50 artboards ready to use (illustrator allows just 100 artboards).illustrastock-template-icons-2

File organization

People Category offer a Main Character and Secondary Character. A main Character is one member of the family that we will repeat again and again in each scene. A secondary Character is a complement of the Main Character for social interaction representations.


illustrastock-template-icons-1Each artboard has the name NameOfTheFile- followed by the number of artboard. Each time a new icon is created, we will change the name of the artboard with the name of the icon (in that way we can export the icons with the name in each independent file).

The artboard 50 (NameOfTheFile-50) is the place where we find the template. Inside of several layers, we will find the help for each icon situation.

Description of the layers:

  • icons: is the place where we will draw all the icons,
  • Template>Keylines are the lines of the artboard we use for organization,
  • Template>Assets are the complements of the template,
  • Template>Keyline shapes are the shadows for the creation of the icons. We can choose the one who fits better to our icon.


Matrix collection offers different types of templates with different types of content for each situation but with the same layer and artboard organisation, common settings and layout elements. Templates are ready to use illustrations for faster development of illustrations:

  • Base elements
  • Backgrounds

Base elements

We have a collection of ready to use Base elements for the creation of different illustrations for some of the categories. Those elements the most of you need all the time are already created, increasing the speed with the creation of the illustrations while we keep the same basic style.

To create a new version of a collection of Base elements is easy, choose one, download it and make your own version.

Just Collection Editors can create a new collection (ask to your Collection Editor if you need a new one).


We have a ready to use collection of Backgrounds for the creation of different illustrations for all the different categories of illustrations. Having a collection of Backgrounds (or Templates) with the same or related Base elements allows giving context to illustrations when the Background is not the object of the illustration. That standardization makes the creation of an illustrate world possible in record time.

Resume of the template

All these options will significantly increase the work speed.

  • Artboard size 1.024×1.024px,
  • RGB document,
  • Grid on (View > Grid),
  • Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid)
  • Grid every 64px and 4 in the Subdivisions box (16px between lines)(Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid),
  • Unit of measurement to pixels (Edit > Preferences > Unit > General),
  • illustraStock brushes loaded,
  • Preconfigured illustraStock color palette.



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