18 Standardisation Policy

Before submitting an illustration, refer to the following guidelines.

If a profile must be chosen, let’s say that illustraStock illustrations serve to create textbooks with a common style. Illustrations allow storytelling and allow reusage or easy modifications. And if any person can illustrate any work without knowledge of drawing, imagine him/her with some knowledge.

Principles of Design

The illustrations should be well-crafted. illustraStock team looks over the illustrations as if they were under a microscope, so remember to take the time to thoroughly look over them to make sure they follow our principles of design.

  1. Speak Visually
    The illustrations should not contain letters, numbers, or words unless universal. Convert the Text to Outlines if necessary.
  2. Consistent Style
    Stick to the design style of the collection. Reuse as much as possible, even from other illustrators. Use the basic elements from the repository and Templates.
  3. Modular design
    By groups, groups of groups and independent illustrations merge into the scenes as Illustration Components in a standardised way of creating encapsulated, reusable Digital Illustration for the web.
  4. Consistent Spacing
    Shapes used in the illustrations’ designs should be spaced evenly.
  5. Properly Aligned
    Shapes in your illustrations’ designs should be aligned correctly.
  6. Properly Connected
    The illustrations’ shapes and lines should be connected and merged. Paths must be closed. (what about Join tool).
  7. Clean Shapes
    Your illustrations should be clean and have no excess vector points, unless done in a hand drawn style.
  8. We create for the web
    The color swatch should be used in RGB.
  9. Leave the file ready
    The layers must be unlocked. Guides and standards should be hidden. Fully editable. It must be clean and well organized (it clears unnecessary layers, colors, shapes, etc.). There should be no unused or sample layers.
  10. Templates
    All the work should start from a template.

Reference: https://thenounproject.com/handbook/create/#principles_of_design

How to name

The names are on the lists of elements to be drawn (if not, use just English names). Always start each word with upper case and use underscore with spaces. Follow our Guide to naming.

How to prepare the .zip file

Use just illustrations layer and English names for the artboards.

Save as .ai in two versions, cc and cs5. Also export all the artboards as .png at 300 ppi.

Use our Readme.txt template.

Follow our Guide how to zip.

Search words

Search words (keywords/tags) make the illustrations more searchable. Follow the Guide how to write search words.


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