16 People

Before to start to draw People (under the People category), is important to understand the system. illustraStock offers two kinds of illustrations of characters in order to have a standard that makes it possible to tell stories with our items.

  • Protagonists: except the professions, the rest of illustrations have the family tree as base for the creation of all illustrations, including in each of these, at least one member of the family. The protagonists wear the same cloths and have the same hair always.
  • Extras: professions and adding new “anonymous” characters to the illustrations when necessary¬†will draw characters in the most diverse way possible.

The collection offers characters in several roles and variants for each character. These variants result from the interaction of autonomous characters with one another, with environment resources or from user intervention.


All the details must be closed paths (created as separate objects).

The height and width for clothes and bodies with clothes must be the same in the front and the back view/side views.

Details must be simmetrical and identical, and in the same height in different views if they are copied
(detailed and similar to real life prefered).

Shoulder height for clothes in different views must be the same.

The clothes should be created in modules (the sleeves of shirts should be separable (especially the side view).

Remember: Check if none of the details are missing in different views.


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