37 Matrix Scales: People

People Measures

The People measures offer 4 types of growing stages for Males and Females at 1:50 Scale:

People Type Real life Heigth (cm) Height (px) Front/Back Width (px) Side Width (px)
Adult 170 192 56 32
Teenager 140 160 48 26
Child 110 124 36 20
Toddler 80 90 32 16

Remember: Body heigth and width is exactly the SAME from the front and back view/left and right view.

The template also offers a representation of 3 positions: Front, Side and Back.

With more details we offer the length of different parts of the body.

Also the length of the different cloth pieces.

With that template creation of people is standardized. Remember, do not draw faces (eyes, nose, lips, ears) to the people.


Body is created modular, when applying clothes on the side view, body must be ungrouped
When the clothes are applied, everything needs to be grouped again.

If a body part must be bended:
1) Using pathfinder tool body must be divided at joint
2) Turn body part at 45 degrees
3) Smooth out the anchor points

Complements Measures


Real life Heigth (inch) Heigth (px) Width (px)
Adult male 42 12 30
Adult female 39 10 28
Teenager male
Teenager female
Child male
Child female
Toddler male
Toddler female


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