4 Illustration Components

illustraStock offers a modular system of illustrations with recommendations for the creation proportions. Additionally; the proportions of the illustrations are more important than the projections, styles and scales because of the fact that their representations are not stylistically restricted by the structural constraints.

Illustration component is a multi-layered illustration system formed by modular elements of identical design that can be interleaved to form a larger scene. illustraStock templates use a 64px grid where each Component and Module is made by units of 64px where 1 Unit is 64x64px, 1/2 unit is 32x32px and 2 units are 128x128px (3/1 = 192px, 5/2 = 160px, 2/1 = 128px; 4/5 = 112px, 3/2 = 96px, 2/5 = 80px , 1/1 = 64px, 1/2 = 32px, 1/4 = 16px, 1/8 = 8px, other proportions are allowed) both in length, width and height. This way we can join them and combine them in order to create new illustrations. The size is rounded up so that it converges with the size of the beginning or ending of the closest unit. It facilitates the use of illustrations in web browsers as the most of the sites use a 960px grid. In a Modular approach it is important to understand the concept of Unit as a minimum space of work.

Parts of an illustration component:

  • A Component is each and every illustration that composes a scene and individually has its own meaning like a table, a house, a person or a window. A scene with a house and a person with a table is also a Component as it is always a final result.
  • A Module is a single piece that can be used as it is (When it works as a Component), adhered to other Modules and to create new Components or extended with Elements for the creation of another more complex/large Components.
    A Component can be done by different Modules (a big table can be a Component created through the unification of two or three Modules of little tables or by the unification of different pieces or Elements).
  • An Element is each independent draw of one Component/Module that can be modified independently. A cube is made by six Pieces or Parts, each one of those are a different Element.

Stage = Setting


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