5 Groups and layers

As we are creating illustration components, the presentation of the illustration, the organization is a key factor. Each tyme we draw a module (a part of the illustration), we draw the full piece of the module, not just what we see in the illustration.


Then, we have to combinde the module with other modules in order to be able to create an element (a finish illustration).

In all of those creation parts, is important to have a apropiate group organizatio. So faster modifications and rehutilizations are possible.

Remember: All separate objects should be grouped together inĀ  one group and when every object is done, they must be grouped together.

Shoe in a group-> shoes group-> all clothes group
Cuff group/collar group-> sleeve and cuff group/shirt and collar group-> shirt with details group-> all clothes group

The layer organiaztion is also important. We have to organice the modules and components in logical layer order with all details, none of the components can be missing.

All views must contain lower layer of t-shirt, then on top the jacket.


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