70 Nature: Plants-unplaced

The Main categories: Nature is split into the Plants lists which includes items to be drawn: APG Eudicots, APG Magnoliids, APG Monocots, APG Unplaced, Commlinids, Gimnosperms.


Code Order Famiy Genus
06_01__ Amborellales
06_02__ Austrobaileyales
06_03_01_001 Chloranthales Chloranthaceae Ascarina
06_03_01_002 Chloranthales Chloranthaceae Hedyosmum
06_04_01_001 Nymphaeales Cabombaceae Brasenia
06_04_01_002 Nymphaeales Cabombaceae Cabomba
06_04_02_001 Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Castalia
06_04_02_002 Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Euryale
06_04_02_003 Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Nuphar
06_04_02_004 Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Nymphaea
06_04_02_005 Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae Nymphozanthus


Code Order Famiy Genus
07_07_01_001 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Abelia
07_07_01_002 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Diervilla
07_07_01_003 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Distegia
07_07_01_004 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Kolkwitzia
07_07_01_005 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Leycesteria
07_07_01_006 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Linnaea
07_07_01_007 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Nintooa
07_07_01_008 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Phenianthus
07_07_01_009 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Xylosteon
07_07_01_010 unplaced Caprifoliaceae Xylosteum


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