11 Color palette

A Color Palette makes the decorating choices so much easier and helps connect one illustration to the next, so that even if the style varies a bit, it will still make sense. illustraStock produces digital illustrations for web, web books and digital devices. That’s why an 8-bit color palette (web-safe color palette) is necessary for more lightweight illustrations.

Always select RGB from the Color Mode list.

Grey Color palette

  • White,
  • Grey color 10%
    #ededed (237, 237, 237),
  • Grey color 30%
    #b2b2b2 (178, 178, 178),
  • Grey color 50%
    #808080 (128, 128, 128),
  • Grey color 70%
    #4d4d4d (77, 77, 77),
  • Grey color 80%
    #333333 (51, 51, 51),
  • Grey color 90% = Black
    #1a1a1a (26, 26, 26).

Base colors

The default colors are:

  • Strokes: black – K90
  • Fills: white – K0

A stroke is a line of color that precisely follows a path. A fill is a color enclosed by a path.


  • In situations when we require to do 1 px size object ( a dot), we will use Fill color (K90) and NO Stroke.

  • If you are creating a line, not a closed path, we will use just the Stroke color (K90) and NO Fill.


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