1 Our Technology

illustraStock is possible thanks to the help of many illustrators and besides other software for specific features, 3 key programs make the site possible:

  • WordPress (the framework),
  • Edd (e-commerce plugin),
  • Marketify (theme).


WordPress is an Open source platform easy to use for users and with a low learning curve for programmers.

It is the platform with the largest community thus, many people are taking care of the safety of the platform and helping with failures. These people also develop complements, write tutorials etc.

The big community of users and the thousands of free and paid complements make it simple to start a prototype and find whatever is necessary to extend the functionalities of our website. Therefore, our programmers are focused on creating the unique functionalities of our project.

Maybe WordPress is not suitable for big companies, but it allows creating prototypes or medium-size websites in a much faster and economical way, ensuring initial success.

Once the company grows bigger, it can launch a website with more robust technology, if it is necessary.


The Easy Digital Downloads plugin provides an easy to use solution for building a fully functioning e-commerce store, selling or offering digital downloads digital products on WordPress websites.

As well as being free, there are many good reasons to use Easy Digital Downloads. The main advantage of choosing this plugin over its competitors is that it is very easy to use.

Firstly, it takes very little time to get our first digital product online and available for download for our customers.
Other notable features of Easy Digital Downloads include:

  •  Offer single or multiple variable price points for each product
  •  Add multiple files to the same product package
  •  Easily display responsive product grids anywhere on our site
  •  Use short codes to add purchase links anywhere in our posts
  •  Offer discount codes
  •  Display either add to cart or buy now buttons for our products
  •  Accept payment via PayPal (or upgrade to other gateways)
  •  Lots of great online documentation
  •  Over 250 extensions

Another great reason to use Easy Digital Downloads is that it is a well-supported and well-used plugin. This means that if we ever run into any difficulty when using this plugin, it is likely to find a solution online or locate someone who can help us.

The library of add-ons available for Easy Digital Downloads is another great benefit of using this plugin. These extensions can be used to add a wealth of additional features to our store that both make it easier to manage, and more attractive for our customers.

While the core plugin is free, some of these add-ons are premium products. However, out of the box, Easy Digital Downloads has enough power to allow us to sell digital products online with no financial outlay.

Also, as the plugin has been well-coded, it’s easier to create our own extensions than if we used one of the other available options.


In combination with Easy Digital Downloads (a free plugin), the Marketplace extension bundle (Plugin bundle sold separately), and Marketify we can create a variety of digital marketplaces. We can create accounts and list our products easily, and buyers can immediately have access to downloads and purchase products.


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