14 Styles: Doodle

Doodles are simple drawings with concrete representational meaning, generally thoughtless drawings with simple and minimal recreations. Less is more, but we don’t need to be afraid of add some components to make them look more charming.

By using some of the illustraStock official brushes, we can accomplish Doodle style type. The purpose is to have a rough drawing, made idly, carelessly, or absentmindedly of different scenes. Is an evolution of the Basic Style.

Before to create the Doodle Style, is important to have the Basic style finish for a category of objects. Later, just by changing  the Brushes and Strokes, the illustrations became as required.

There are different Strokes for different situations and each Brush will use a different Stroke because of the style. Also the size of the object conditions the size of the stroke.

It is very important to check the size of the illustrations during the work to know how they look in real size. Maybe a draw requires stroke in more than one size.

Remember. Pixel perfect is not possible by using Brushes.



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