12 Creating Documents

We never create a new file from scratch, we use what the Templates illustraStock offers (in order to save time and ensure the consistency of the work). But if you really need to start a file from scratch, here you can find some tips;

  • Select File > New
  • Click New or Start New in the Start workspace

Once the workspace is open you can choose the size of the paper and orientation. For example, if you are drawing the landscape, you will need long and horizontal sheet of paper, but if there are small objects like flowers, trees and etc. it is up to you how you will place them on the paper. We recommend to use Pixels as Units and create the size of the Artboard a 64px multiple. And in what units you want to see the measurements (pixel).

Tip: It is important to work with RGB color mode, because the files are smaller than CMYK (is better for prints) and in the website RGB works better and faster.

The other option is to choose quality of the export. 300 ppi is the format to print your artworks or illustrations, so it is enough to choose 72 ppi for drawing the  illustrations and uploading to the website because at 72ppi the size of the illustration would be the same size of the creation in your design software.


Adobe: Creating Documents


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