6 Modular Design

illustraStock Modular Design uses Illustration Components as a center of the project.

Illustration component for the web has been around for a long time in the manner of icons, the idea of being able to draw reusable and portable icons is nothing new.

History of the Illustration components:

  • Icons: Icons were probably the first popular attempt at drawing re-usable illustrations. They had some structure to see how they were written and you could easily distribute them — but they weren’t without problems. You’d often get conflicts between icons and you would also have many styling issues trying to figure out what styles you were required to include separately.
  • Platforms icons: Icons for the different platforms (Android, Windows) where the next evolution provided some additional benefits. You could isolate the icons you need from one collection and create the elements you need. You still had to create styles separately for each platform
  • Web for creation of icons: The most recent iteration of this concept would be the modern web sites for creating icons. They allow building icons by just selecting inside elements, color and outside elements from their database providing a much nicer and universal approach. It allows illustrators to upload their illustrations and decorate with outside elements from the database. You are also able to change the final color or create a shadow which finally provides complete integration for your draws. You still had to create your inside elements or/and had the limitations of the database.
  • Illustration Components: The illustraStock design of illustrations.



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