16 Backgrounds

Representational drawing and sketching is concerned with “drawing what you see,” or “drawing that which you imagine as if you actually saw it.” Technical drawing is concerned with representing objects according to conventions that allow size, proportions, and structure – as well as appearance – to be precisely specified. The most fundamental concept involved is the geometry of “projection.”

BACKGROUNDS (under development)


The backgrounds are much like the sets in a stage play. They are there to set a time, place and mood for the characters, and like stage props, they should be kept simple. The background should be able to be understood at a glance. Backgrounds only need to be ‘suggested’ so don’t need to be detailed or accurate.

Image the cartoon characters to be actors on a stage. You are aware of the props indirectly. This is the way to view a cartoon when you devise it. So keep backgrounds simple but clear.

Type of backgrounds:

  • 2D Background
  • Parallax
  • Platformer Background
  • Isometric Background
  • Vertical Background

With or without lanscape (without landscape, the background just draw the first metters of elements, and the elements do not allow to see the landscape in the back)

Separated transparent layers for parallax effect

Tile-able Horizontally or Vertically


Backgrounds, Scenes and Elements.


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