30 Hand Made Illustrations*

We do not recommend, but here you have a tutorial about how to draw by hand

How to create?

Also some of the illustrators are really good at drawing with the hand and have some problems while trying to draw with the mouse or even with the tablet. But if an illustrator has to follow the style illustrastock offers, he also needs to learn the best and the fastest way to draw these illustrations. For example, if illustrator is really great at drawing with hand, it is possible to draw illustration on the paper, take a picture or scan it and upload to the illustrator.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. Draw your illustration on a paper
  2. Scan or take a quality picture and upload to PC
  3. Open your picture with Adobe Illustrator
  4. Put the picture on one layer and change the opacity (of the illustration)handdraw-opacity
  5. Lock the layer and create a new
    one above.handdraw-drag-and-draw
    Never draw on the illustration that you have uploaded. Always create a new layer.
  6. Use a pen tool or line segment tool to follow the lines of your object. On your
    new layer you can just follow the lines that you have made on the paper and redraw your illustration in illustrator faster and easier.handdraw-drag-and-draw

Change the stroke or brush of the lines to achieve the style you need.

If you don’t want to see the main layer with the original drawing on the paper, just press little eye near the lock and it will disappear.

This little tip might help to improve illustrator skills if it’s hard for illustrator to work with the program. After a few or more drawings like this, it is possible that illustrator will be able to use only pen tool and doesn’t need any other material like pencil or paper to start creating a new illustration.


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