4 Consistent Style

When we create an illustration, it is vital that it is consistent. The best way to do this is by creating guidelines across our illustrations, using Templates for the creation of the illustrations and by a collection of base elements for each illustrations that can be used many times.

Style Guides

A style guide is a set of standards for the design of illustrations. A design style guide usually addresses illustration size, colors, brushes, stroke, default fill …

Having a consistent style will obviously create an overarching style that will create harmony across you illustrations. It will mean that various illustrators can tackle illustrations on the same platform safe in the knowledge that their work will look part of the family.

Highlighting key areas such as a color palette or the stroke weight are obviously vital to creating solidarity across a style. But outlining information such as the values attributed for the illustration style, or what you want to achieve from having them on your platform are also just as important

But being consistent doesn’t mean that you can’t change. In fact, consistency gives you a firm foundation for evolving into offering even more options for even more people. Once you have create an illustration through the consistent delivery of your Style Guidelines, customers have permission to expand.


The same characteristics of the Templates that increase efficiency also create standardization. They also apply and enforce standards. All drawings must be created from company templates, to ensure that each user creates a drawing that reflects the company, not the taste of an illustrator. If multiple people work on a project, this will be the most likely way that each file is equally configured. Each user will use the same layers, same colors, same brushes, views, artboards, default fill and stroke, everything, or at least almost everything. Users are more likely to use what already exists than to create their own versions of layers, brushes, colors, and so on successively. And although some adjustments change from time to time, it will be much easier to control it.

Base elements

Reusing illustrations is one of the strengths of modern Design techniques. It simplifies your illustration and speeds up the drawing process by not having to constantly create new illustrations, also make your design more consistent.


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