2 Design Objectives

Our primary focus is to ensure that the Isotype style provide the flexibility needed to create more illustrations on record time.

Flexible – Modular – Lightweight – Compatible

ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education) is a method of displaying, technological, biological and historical social connections in pictorial form. It was characterized by being formed of graphic symbols through which the information was transmitted visually without using any written language, which made this a universal character.

Sketch style illustrations are meticulously cataloged in different levels A, B, C. Although these illustrations can be used in any field, have been designed for language learners, given the major constraints they present.

Initial configuration

Creation of documenttut-isotype-01

  • Artboard: 500x500px.
  • Spacing between artboards: 100px.
  • Labels for the names: 33px.
  • Typography Names: Myriad Pro 20pt (to name the mass, or note)
  • If working with Adobe Illustrator, it is advisable to save the file to a css5 compatible version.


  • It is recommended to separate in two layers, “Words” and “Illustrations”
  • In the first layer, “Words”, we will include all elements that are repeated and should not be moved (guides, backgrounds for illustrations, signs, etc.). Once this base is defined, the layer must be blocked.
  • In the second layer, “Illustrations”, it is recommended to create a layer of each illustration


  • Each illustration will be contained within an artboard.
  • On top of the artboard we will put the name of the illustration (word or concept to be illustrated).
  • In the menu of artboard we will put the name that will have the file when saving it. This is important to automate naming when exporting.
  • The same document will serve to make the illustrations of a particular theme or category (eg “E_clase1_existing_notices”). And to facilitate the exportation, we will work with several artboard in the same document, as many words as have in the subject or category.
  • Remember, anything that exceeds the margins of the work tables will not be saved when exporting.


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