31 Matrix Design characteristics & Styles

Simple and minimal. No gradients, shadows or colors besides the template recommendations for each style. It is important to follow the order of the styles in the creation of the illustrations in order to be efficient (creating more illustrations with each passing day).

This is the visual and stylistic approach in illustraStock design system. The style is intended to offer a range of flexibility while maintaining a consistent brand approach. The various styles in the system add attributes to these base guiding principals, which create a system of related illustrations. The attributes are not flexible, and differ from one style to another.

Remember, the illustrations are created for 1:50 scale and for 1:250 scale but are mutually interchangeable.

The order with the creation of the styles is:

  • First Step:
    • Basic style
  • Second Step:
    • Doodle style
  • Third Step:
    • Coming soon

Main Styles

– Hand Made (Doodle)

Doodles are simple drawings with concrete representational meaning, generally thoughtless drawings with simple and minimal recreations. Less is more, but we don’t need to be afraid of add some components to make them look more charming.

It is very important to check the size of the illustrations during the work to know how they look in real size. Maybe a draw requires stroke in more than one size.

Stroke size

1:50 scale = 0,5px for non organic elements and 0,25 for organic elements

1:250 scale = …

– Basic (Outline)

Outlines are simple drawings in which objects are delineated in contours without shading.

The Basic style or Outline is made after the Doodle by copying the Doodle file and changing all the lines into the Basic brush from Adobe Illustrator. Also it requires changing the stroke size as following:

Stroke size

1:50 scale = 0,5px for non organic and organic elements

1:250 scale = …

Child Styles

– Mono Color, Restricted and Full Palette (Colorful)

The style distinction is derived through the use of palette, such as applying a limited vs extended palette (Soon).





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