22 Naming

It’s important to be organized with the creation of the illustrations. Check what to draw from the lists and finish one subcategory before starting something else. Remember to mark the elements that are created.

Guide to naming illustrations:

  • Name your illustrations from the list.
  • The name offer descriptive information from general to specific.
  • Make sure your illustrations’ names are in English.
  • The design style must be in the illustrations’ names.
  • Any word should start with capital letter, except the collection names.
  • Do not leave empty spaces between words, use underscore instead.
  • If the illustrations are not from a list, give appropriate names. Try and choose words that best represent your illustrations.
  • It is not allowed to add numbers into the illustrations instead add descriptive names. There is no need to add numbers to your illustrations’ names, even if you are uploading multiple versions.
  • If files belong to a

Parts of the name



We have 4 possibilities for naming the illustrations:

  • if the illustration is not in one list, we have to find an appropiate name;
  • if the illustration belongs to one list, we use the name of the list;
  • if the illustration is an extension of one draw from one list, we use the same name with a secondary name;
  • if the illustration is a variation of a current draw, we could change the name or to use the same name with an extension of the name, upon the type of variation;
  • if the illustration is a new style of one current illustration, we use the same name with the name of the style.


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Please refer to the following guidelines before sending your illustration.

If we have to choose a profile, let’s say that our illustrations serve to create textbooks with a common style. Illustrations that allow storytelling and allow reusage or easy modifications. In this way, any person without knowledge of drawing can illustrate any work.

Once you choose what to draw, not changing the collection and topic will allow you to draw faster and better.

How to Name ( will change )