Category: People

People is an illustration of a person ( examples of the different body positions of people while they are doing activities, occupations or sports) that you want to include in your illustration and create an action, situation, story, service or products. People just standing or in a position in the middle of a key activity with the job attire. You can extend your own scenarios without the need of refined drawing skills. To achieve this, we use ISCO Classification and some other classifications for categorization. And classification of the ages and races for the tags.

Characters of our stories

The system offers two kinds of illustrations of characters in order to have a standard that makes it possible to tell stories with our items.

  • Protagonists: except the professions, the rest of illustrations have the family tree as base for the creation of all illustrations, including in each of these, at least one member of the family. The protagonists wear the same cloths and have the same hair always.
  • Extras: professions and adding new “anonymous” characters to the illustrations when necessary will draw characters in the most diverse way possible.

The collection offers characters in several roles and variants for each character. These variants result from the interaction of autonomous characters with one another, with environment resources or from user intervention.

Elements to draw

We use different lists for the subcategories:

  • Activities of leisure, leisure being discretionary time: Outdoor, Playful, Artistic, Cultural activities, Social, family, Audio-visual, reading, Hobbies or Relaxation activities.
    • Positions show different positions that can be done by people.
    • Family tree with different configurations with the members of a family. A 3-member family, a 6-member family…
    • Ethnic group show a list of different religions and other cultural characteristics of the people of one specific place.
  • Occupations organize information on labour and jobs: Managers, Professionals, Technicians or associate professionals, Clerical, Service, sales, Skilled agricultural, forestry, fishery, Craft and related trades workers, Plant and machine operators, and assemblers, Elementary and Armed forces occupations.
  • Sports show a list of forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators: Air sports, Athletics, Ball, Combat, Motor sports, Ridding, Board, Winter, Table, Target, Water and other sports.


  • Activities
    • Activities hobbies, interests or hobbies
    • Artistic activities and manual creation
    • Attendance at shows or visits
    • Audio-visual or reading activities
    • Outdoor activities
    • Participatory educational or cultural activities
    • Playful activities
    • Social and family activities
    • Relaxation activities
  • Occupations
    • Managers
    • Professionals
    • Technicians and associate professionals
    • Clerical support workers
    • Service and sales workers
    • Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
    • Craft and related trades workers
    • Plant and machine operators, and assemblers
    • Elementary occupations
    • Armed forces occupations
  • Sports and leisure
    • Air sports
    • Athletics
    • Ball Sports
    • Board
    • Combat sports
    • Motorsports
    • Ridding
    • Table sports
    • Target sports
    • Watersports
    • Winter sports
    • Other sports



  • Age_Seniors
  • Age_Adults
  • Age_Young
  • Age_Children


  • Ra-Black_Africa
  • Ra-Horn_of_Africa_and_Sudan
  • Ra-Joisán_Peoples
  • Ra-North_Africa
  • Ra-Middle_East
  • Ra-Caucasus
  • Ra-Eastern_Europe
  • Ra-Western_Europe
  • Ra-Hindustan
  • Ra-Central_Asia
  • Ra-Siberia
  • Ra-East_Asia
  • Ra-Southeast_Asian
  • Ra-Australia
  • Ra-Melanesia
  • Ra-Polynesia_and_Micronesia
  • Ra-North_America
  • Ra-Mesoamerican_and_South_America