48 Category: Scenographies

A Scene is an illustration of all the elements that you want to include in your illustration and create an action, situation, story, service or products. You can create your own scenarios without the need of refined drawing skills.

Elements to draw

We use different lists for the subcategories:

  • Forest and semi-natural areas & Water bodies:
  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary production:
    • Economic Activities refer to the different productive activities that the people can do.
      ( 21 Sections, 89 Divisions and 394 between Groups and Classes ). The detailed structure and explanatory notes can be found here. We use ISIC for the purpose of that subcategory. New objects to draw can be found in CN and the CPC. Also the NICE classification or PRODCOM can be used.
      The extension up to the Unit Groups and Classes can be found here).
    • Land Use (buildings) refers to the series of operations on land, carried out by humans, with the intention to obtain products and/or benefits through using land resources (15 orders at Level 1, 78 groups at Level 2, 150 sub-groups at Level 3 and 574 classes at Level 4.). We use the NLUC Descriptions of Land Use.
  •  Urban/Rural:
    • Civil engineering works refer to all constructions not classified under buildings (not roofed constructions). (4 divisions at Level 1, 10 groups at Level 2 and 23 classes at Level 3). We use the CTC.
    • Residential Buildings refer to roofed constructions which are suitable or intended for protecting persons, animals or objects (2 sections at Level 1, 6 divisions at Level 2, 20 groups at Level 3 and 46 classes at Level 4.) We use the CTC.
    • Sport places refer an organization of sports into a clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the activity (12 Major groups, 71 Units groups, with 967 sport examples.) We use our own sport classification based on Wp sports list.


  • Forest and semi-natural areas
    • Forest
    • Shrub and/or herbaceous vegetation asociation
    • Open spaces with little or no vegetation
  • Primary production
    • Agriculture
    • fishing
    • forestry
    • Mining and quarrying
  • Secondary production
    • Construction
    • Electricity, gas, steam
    • Manufacturing
    • Water supply; sewerage and waste management activities
  • Tertiary production
    • Accommodation and food service activities
    • Administrative and support service activities
    • Arts, entertainment and recreation
    • Education
    • Financial and insurance activities
    • Human health and social work activities
    • Information and communication
    • Other service activities
    • Professional, scientific and technical activities
    • Public administration and defence
    • Real estate activities
    • Transportation and storage
    • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles
  • Urban/Rural
    • Civil engineering works
    • Residential Buildings
    • Sport places
  • Water bodies
    • Coastal features
    • Coastal wetlands
    • Inland waters
    • Inland wetlands
    • Marine waters


  • Ra-Africa_Black
  • Ra-Africa_North
  • Ra-America_Central_&_South
  • Ra-America_North
  • Ra-Asia_Central
  • Ra-Asia_East
  • Ra-Asian_Southeast
  • Ra-Australia
  • Ra-Caucasus
  • Ra-Europe_Eastern
  • Ra-Europe_Western
  • Ra-Hindustan
  • Ra-Horn_of_Africa_&_Sudan
  • Ra-Joisán_Peoples
  • Ra-Melanesia
  • Ra-Middle_East
  • Ra-Polynesia_&_Micronesia
  • Ra-Siberia


Soil Taxonomy

  1. Alfisols
  2. Andisols
  3. Aridisols
  4. Entisols
  5. Gelisols
  6. Histosols
  7. Inceptisols
  8. Mollisols
  9. Oxisols
  10. Spodosols
  11. Ultisols
  12. Vertisols