Category: Nature

Nature is an illustration of different living beings (different types of Invertebrates, Plants or Vertebrates) that you want to include in your illustration and create an action, situation, story, service or products. You can extend your own scenarios without the need of refined drawing skills.

Sexual dimorphism and plant stages and sizes

Sexual dimorphism is the condition where the two sexes of the same species exhibit different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs. Differences may include secondary sex characteristics, size, color, markings, and may also include behavioral differences.

In most species of insects, spiders, amphibians, reptiles, birds of prey, etc. Females are larger than males, while in mammals the male is usually the largest, sometimes very noticeably.

For a deeper understanding of the growth stages, it is possible to follow the BBCH (Growth stages of mono-and dicotyledonous plants). But the only stages that matter for the general purpose of the category are Small size trees, each time we draw them at 1:50 scale and we draw Medium size trees at 1:250 (at 1:250 scale we do not draw small size genus of plants).

We do not need to worry about the Tree Life Stages as we are just creating the Pole. For the commercial Genus of Trees, we can create the full life cycles of trees:

  1. Seed
  2. Seedling: the above-ground part of the embryo that sprouts from the seed
  3. Sapling: After the seedling reaches 1 m tall, and until it reaches 7 cm in stem diameter
  4. Pole: young trees from 7-30 cm diameter
  5. Mature tree: over 30 cm diameter, reproductive years begin
  6. Old tree: dominate old growth forest; height growth slows greatly, with majority of productivity in seed production
  7. Overmature: dieback and decay become common
  8. Snag: standing dead wood
  9. Log/debris: fallen dead wood

The sizes of a Genus belong to the different Species of such Genus. More information here.

Elements to draw

We use a different list for each subcategory:


Categories Nature – Extended

( Classes – Orders ) – Families – ( Genus ) : Category + SubCategory + Individual Contribution + Pack

  • Invertebrates
    • Annelids
    • Arachnids
    • Arthropods
    • Bivalves
    • Cephalpods
    • Cnidarians
    • Collembola
    • Crustaceans
    • Diplopoda
    • Echinoderms
    • Flatworms
    • Gastropods
    • Insects
    • Medusas
    • Miriapodos
    • Mollusks
    • Polyps
    • Protura
    • Roundworms
    • Scorpions
    • Sponges
    • Worms
  • Plants
    • APG Eudicots
    • APG Magnoliids
    • APG Monocots
    • APG Unplaced
    • Commlinids
    • Gimnosperms
  • Vertebrates
    • Amphibians
    • Birds
    • Fish
    • Mammals
    • Reptiles


  • Adaptation:
    • Adap-Sweet_water
    • Adap-Saltwater
    • Adap-Air
    • Adap-Floor
    • Adap-Earth
  • Biome:
    • Biome-Desert
    • Biome-Savannah
    • Biome-Jungle
    • Biome-Chaparral
    • Biome-Meadow
    • Biome-Forest
    • Biome-Taiga
    • Biome-Tundra
    • Biome-Montana
  • Clime
    • Tropical
    • Tempered
    • Subarctic
    • Arctic